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How to Prevent iTunes from Launching Automatically - Make Tech iTunes will launch when an iOS device is connected to start a sync. To stop this, automatic syncing must be disabled. If you want to sync your iOS device, you will have to initiate it manually from now on. Ironically, start by launching iTunes. Select “iTunes” from the Mac’s menu bar and select “Preferences.”

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How to Disable Passcode on iPad? If you forgot your iPad screen passcode, you won't be able to access your iPad. Don’t worry this article offers you 2 ways to disable your iPad screen passcode. How to disable Safari suggestions? To ensure you have disabled the Safari Suggestions function, type a query into the URL address field and check for any suggestions pops-up.

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4. As soon as you uncheck the option in the above step, you will see a prompt that looks like the following image. It says is that it will stop using your iCloud Music Library if you disable the Apple Music feature. Click on “Hide Apple Music,” and the feature will be hidden on your Mac. 5. The checkbox for “Show Apple Music” should now be unchecked as shown below. Click on “OK” to save the settings and close the panel.