AW: Welche Temps sind Temp 2 und 3 bei Speedfan? Das Problem bei mir ist halt, dass das MoBo Warnungen wegen überhitzung ausgibt, und die Temps laut Speedfan auch hoch gehen. Ich weiß nur leider nicht, ob das MoBo zu heiß wird, oder die CPU.

Re: EasyTune6 - SpeedFan - Real Temp 3.5 all show different temps ? EasyTune read the CPU legacy diode sensor, RealTemp read the CPU DTS(Digital Thermal Sensors) that are located on the cores and cache. those naturaly have different temperatures than the diode. What are these temps referring to in Speedfan? - Ars Technica

The BMC/iDRAC in is programmed to set fan speed min/max and adjust values based on factors like ambient temperature and system configuration. Depending on configuration the system may run the fans at higher RPMs regardless of any detected temperature. But If you use server at office, the noise become very anoying. If you set Maximum

I have had a lot of people ask me about GM Radiator cooling fan diagnosis in the past. It basically runs two fans in series for low speed and then put's each on it's own 12V circuit for high speed

I recently bought the Surface Pro 3 i7 512GB model. As with any new computer I installed SpeedFan just to gauge the temperature of normal usage as well as gaming. I opened up the program and the CPU and HD temps look normal. But the actual temperature measure of the tablet seems a bit off Obviously it isn't running that hot, but would there What is Temp1 in Speed Fan represent? : techsupport What is Temp1 in Speed Fan represent? As the title states, what is Temp1 and to lesser extent Temp3 and Temp4 represent in speed fan? Checking temps the 4 cores hover around low 30's but Temp1 is at 60! but I'm not sure what it is representing.

17.01.2009 · hi ! i really need to now what Temp 3 and Temp 2 is on speedfan because my Temp 3 is 77-78 degress. And Temp 2 is 30 idle and 77 load, why is it so hot

How to properly set up Speedfan - Guides and Tutorials - Linus After that is ready, open it, it installs very easy, next next next style, and then open it. 2. This guide will include how to set the fans up to a temp curve, and also 3. In order to do this, you wanna set the control to manual, then turn all. the graph in the *Fan Control* tab should be 5 degrees higher that what  GIGABYTE Latest 9 Series Software Utilities Get the highest levels of performance from your PC with easy-to-use create alerts when temperature gets too high or record your system's behavior; these are  SpeedFan - Download SpeedFan is a monitoring program for users who think that the Windows Task Manager is too basic. It allows you to monitor the health of your hard drives, the  SpeedFan Configuration for the VNF4 or A7DA-S