【HDD】WD Blue, Green, Black, Red, Purple, Goldの違いと選び方

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In conclusion, Green and Blue HDDs are suitable for desktop PC, generally the Blue HDD’s read/write speed is faster than Green HDD, so many users choose the Blue HDDs for their PCs, while Black HDDs are widely used in servers. The Red HDD is specifically designed for the NAS, Purple HDDs are suitable for video surveillance system, can support up to 32-channel HD security cameras. Understanding the WD Rainbow The WD Black line contains WD's performance oriented consumer drives and when compared to identically sized Green or Blue drives are on average about 15% faster. However, they currently only come in sizes up to 4TB and since larger drives tend to be faster a Green 6TB drive will actually have faster sequential read/write performance than a Black 4TB. Der wahre Unterschied WD Red Black -Post 76144

Anyone else who uses a NAS device with WD Red drives, how The WD Red drives were pushed as a response to the WD Green The WD Blue is a quality drive superior to a WD Red which should If nothing can be found as the "smoking gun" you could buy a WD Black as a long term experiment.

Pevný disk WD Red 2TB na www.alza.cz. Veškeré informace o produktu. Vhodné příslušenství. Hodnocení a recenze WD Red 2TB od ostatních zákazníků. Objevte nejmódnější Sportovní obuv NIKE internetovém obchoděeobuv.cz Doručení a vrácení zboží zdarma Více než 40 000 modelů značkové obuvi Prodej produktů výpočetní techniky a spotřební elektroniky. Záruční a pozáruční servis. Doprava zdarma na tisíce produktů.W / Western Digital (WD), What is the difference between WD Hard Drive colors? In this article we will compare and show you t  •  western digital wd purple 2tb  •  western digital 2tb purple wd20purz  •  externi hdd western digital 2tb  •  western digital caviar black 2tb hdd  •  western digital pevny disk hdd 2tb  •  hdd 3 5 western digital blue 2tb  •  hdd…

Autor HF Tecnologia azul, black, blue, comparativo, cores, disco rígido, gold, green, hard disk, ouro, preto, purple, red, roxo, verde, vermelho, Western Digital  Western Digital Storage Solutions | HDStorageWorks.com WD Blue for everyday use. WD Green for capacity. WD Black for performance. WD Red for network attached storage (NAS). And WD Purple for surveillance. Western Digital Blue, Red, dan Black, Apa Bedanya

Western Digital Blue, Red, dan Black, Apa Bedanya 21 Feb 2018 Tiga warna yang bisa dipilih ialah Blue, Red, juga Black. Sebenarnya, ada juga WD Green dan WD Purple. Akan tetapi, artikel ini akan fokus  Toshiba follows WD in colour-coding its hard drives, but with 18 Apr 2018 As you may well know, WD Blue drives are all-rounders, WD Black offers WD Red drives are for NAS servers (read-oriented), WD Purple drives are The slower 5400rpm WD Green hard drives became Blue drives in 2015,  Western Digital paints its Green hard drives Blue in rebranding 28 Oct 2015 Western Digital's Green hard drives, known for their combination of high Instead, they've recently come out with the Purple – which for the life of me, sounds quote<] Actually the Blacks/Red Pro/ Re line have a different  WD Red Drives Compared with WD Blue, Black, Purple | Tom's