I know you can use a ps4 controller on PS3 but I don’t think the opposite is possible really? how? I would like to know this too. I think you're just able to connect it as a Bluetooth device. I've heard that while you can play games with it, you can't access the XMB, I don't know if this has ever been fixed

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DualShock 4 controller now works wirelessly with the 2 Jul 2014 The DualShock 4 controller can now be used wirelessly with the PlayStation 3 following a recent update for Sony's older generation console. PS4 Remote Play - Apps on Google Play Use PS4 Remote Play to access your PS4 via Wi-Fi wherever you go. ・Display the PS4 screen on your mobile device. ・Use the on-screen controller on your  Connect a Sony PS4 controller to Shadow - Shadow - Support Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) controllers are currently supported on our Windows, macOS, and You can also use PS4 controller with iOS 13 install on your device.

Do PS4 controllers work on PS3? How to connect a PS4

We show you how televisions with HDMI-CEC can interface with the PS4 to enable your TV's remote as a controller for the PlayStation 4. DualShock 4 Compatible PlayStation 3 Games - PlayStation 4 Wiki This page contains a list of DualShock 4 Compatible PlayStation 3 Games. You can simply plug a DualShock 4 into a PS3 to play the games on this list. These PS3 games are fully compatible with the Can I use my PS4 controller on my PS3 to play GTA 5? -

02.08.2018 · Can A PS3 Controller Work On A PS4? I thought i would put the theory to the test can a playstation 3 ps3 dualshock or six axis controller work with the playstation 4 Ps4? I also show you guys how Can I use my PS3 remote control on my PS4 | Gaming Help | Query Yes, download ps4 remote play to your tablet or computer, sync your ps3 controller, and go to your settings on your ps4 to enable remote play and sync your tablet to your ps4 to start using your ps4 with a ps3 controller. It doesn't work with vista, xp, or others, it uses mac or windows 7-8.

2 Jul 2014 Now that's possible using good ol' Bluetooth, to the extent that tapping the DualShock 4's PlayStation button will even wake up the PS3  PS4 System Software Update 7.00 Launches This Week 6 Oct 2019 Our latest software update for PlayStation 4, version 7.00, Just download the PS4 Remote Play App from the Google Play store to use the  Easy to Use PS3 Controller on PS4 - Driver Easy